I'm not what the world describes me to be; too tall, too skinny, too scintillating. Truth seems to illuminate my being when I hear words as "I am more than a conqueror and I was made out of His image..." That's life. We should learn to speak,shout words like that more often.

I'm not your average person, in fact, I rather be different. Speak, teach, learn and live different is what I strive to do. I would like to think that I impact the lives of those that I come in contact with and pray that the Lord would reveal pure truth to them. Man has tainted the truth far too long. I am merely a messenger sent out to deliver a message to the world; a message so simple yet ignored by many. I am simply a vessel and I'm okay with that! There are, though, some days when I feel like giving up and when the narrow path seems too narrow to even walk through it anymore. Life seems to get difficult and sometimes the realization that it's easier to quit than pursue this difficult journey seems to seep through my thoughts. But, even those thoughts can't compare to the love of God.

I'm not that interesting in person.  I'm actually quiet. I prefer to listen than to speak. I've realized that when you listen and allow those around you to speak, they begin to answer their own frustrating questions. All you have to do is listen because the answer is already there. The majority of the time I tend to be alone. During those isolated times I seek, speak and acknowledge God. He has established a foundation for me where I've learned to wait upon His commands.